1Where are you located?
Our office is located at 721 A1A Beach Blvd, Suite 2, in beautiful St. Augustine Beach. This is on the corner of B street and A1A. We have plenty of parking and we’re easy to find,
2What is the best way to communicate with Ward Design Group?
Short answer is Email.

Ward Design Group strives to be a very responsive support team for our clients. Our goal is to give you the absolute best in service and care. To give you the best service, we ask that you follow a few professional boundaries. Our primary communication will be via email so there is a written record in which to review any web issues.

As a general practice, emails will get prompt attention during the work week, M-F. Keep in mind that all web accounts are still monitored 24 hours a day so if something needed your attention, our systems would catch it and alert us, even after hours and weekends. Client-to-team communication by phone should be via business phone only, 904-540-9933, not team member’s personal phones - particularly after hours and on weekends. Texts to the office line, 904-540-9933, are welcome but will only be responded to during regular business hours.
3Who owns my Domain name?
You do.
Domain names are the possession of the client. For the ease of management, the primary owner name of these domains is “Ward Design Group”. This is not claiming ownership, only management.
4Do you host email accounts?

We highly suggest the use of either Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365. Both products can be setup and supported by our IT partner RockIT Solutions. We strongly encourage our clients to consult with RockIT to determine the best products fit for their organization. Depending on the need of your organization, there may be other options to you. RockIT Solutions will help you deploy the best product with the best practices. We will interface with RockIT on your behalf to make sure they have all the proper code and routing to make it easy on you. RockIT Solutions can be contact by phone (904) 429-5104 or their website
5What is included in my hosting plan?
Always refer back to your contract.
Different levels of service come with the different hosting plan options.
Much of our work (minor edits, photo change outs, etc.) can be covered in your current plan.

Check your plan here.

to see how much time is allocated for you monthly. Overages of this time is billed hourly.
6What is the Refund Policy?
Every step of our process is dedicated to creating a site consistent with the wants of our clients. We invest valuable staff time creating something that we will all be very happy with and proud of. This process is labor-intensive, but they are labors of love. The deposit you pay is an investment into our vision for you and your business. We hold our portfolio of clientele as a firm merit to the capabilities and creative prowess of that investment. The time for that creation is reflected in the initial deposit. If we are unable to agree on this vision following several attempts, we waive the balance of the cost to you, but the deposit is kept by Ward Design Group to cover the cost of labor. All payments are deemed earned when paid and are not reimbursable.
7Is there a Late Payment Fee?
Any payment beyond 10 days is considered late and is subject to a late fee. Any on-going service that doesn’t get payment within 60 days is subject to suspension. Once suspended, payment in full is required to reinstate services and subject to a reinstatement charge of $50. Once suspended, if payment is not made with 90 days, Ward Design Group retains the right to claim ownership of all intellectual property including and not limited to all domain and associated documents and/or accounts.
8Who holds the responsibility to proof?
You do. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the proof is correct in all areas. Please be sure to double-check spelling, grammar, layout and design before approving artwork.
If a proof containing errors is approved by the customer, customer is responsible for payment of all original costs of printing, including corrections and reprints. By approving a proof for a print job, you the customer also understands that due to various monitor settings and models, the colors of the document may not print EXACTLY as they appear on your screen.
9What if I decide to leave Ward Design Group?
If at any time either party determines that the best move is to separate professionally, we both agree to do so civilly. Any web work - either design or social - is the property of you, the customer*. We do not hold anything hostage. We will gladly give you a full backup of all work, design, web, photos, videos, etc., for you to have hosted and managed elsewhere. Your domain name will be unlocked and ready or transfer. We will give information freely to your new web company as needed. As we hope that we can work together for a very long time, we do understand that things do happen, terms are not followed, and separation occurs. You the customer must inform Ward Design Group in writing (email is fine). The newly incoming web host will assume all responsibility to set up new account, migrate all files, and initiate domain transfers.

Ward Design Group retains the right to claim ownership of all intellectual property including associated domain names, email accounts and associated documents if a client refuses to pay for their site and/or domain name/s beyond 90 days.

* For domain names and sites to be unlocked for transfer, all balances must be 100% paid up to date.

Also, please see our Terms and Conditions.


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