Online marketing is a set of tools and methods that web design professionals use for promoting brands, products, and services.

The phrase “Online Marketing” covers a wide range of marketing elements and strategies to help websites reach their marketing potential. These elements include but are not limited to the following:

SEO On-Page
On-page SEO is a practice to help your site rank with Google by maximizing how your content is laid out, the ease of navigation, the amount of relevant and quality content, photos, etc.

SEO Off-Page
Off-Page SEO is a challenging practice where web professionals add links and written references about your company on other pages that are not your own. The more links and references you have on other sites that point TO your site, the more trust and authority you have in the eyes of Google.

Digital Marketing
GEO Fencing and Targeting can be extremely effective particularly when you know who your core client/customer is. Ward's digital marketing tools allow us to reach out to these customers directly with a clear call to action that promotes your business.

Custom, Just For You
Ward Design Group will work with you to come up with a custom plan based on your needs and budget to give you the best return on investment, based on the latest best practices available.


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