Communication: Ward Design Group strives to be a very responsive support team for our clients. Our goal is to give you the absolute best in service and care. To give you the best service, we ask that you follow a few professional boundaries. Our primary communication will be via email so there is a written record in which to review any web issues.

As a general practice, emails will get prompt attention during the work week, M-F. Keep in mind that all web accounts are still monitored 24 hours a day so if something needed your attention, our systems would catch it and alert us, even after hours and weekends. Client to team communication by phone should be via business phone, not team member’s personal phones, particularly after hours and weekend. An occasional text may be ok, during regular business hours, using business phone numbers, but the preferred method of communication is email.

Domain Names: Domain names are the possession of the client. For the ease of management, the primary owner name of these domains is “Ward Design Group” or (Ward Media Group - our parent company). This is not claiming ownership, only management. Domain names always stay with the client if the client pays to keep the name up to date (see SEPARATION & REFUNDS, DEPOSITS).

Domain names are renewed and paid annually on the 1st of December. Current renewal rate for a domain name and associated zone file is $30. Any client who uses a domain name that is managed outside of Ward Design Group is fully and solely responsible for the renewal and associated fees. Ward Design Group carries no responsibility for renewing a domain name registry at outside entities. (GoDaddy,, are just a few examples)

Important note: The plugin uses the settings specified into the WordPress website to deliver the emails. It is strongly recommended to use a "from" email addresses that belongs to the website domain name, for example if your website is then use an email address like, this will help to skip a lot of anti-spam restrictions. Avoid using emails like "", "", "" as "from" addresses since these are identified as originated at external servers and reach to the spam folder or are completely blocked. This isn't a mandatory requirement but it is strongly recommended.

Proofing: You are provided with the opportunity to approve a draft prior to publishing the website / print material. When you reply that the material is accurate and to your liking and ready to move forward, you are assuming the responsibility of any further changes / revisions. Once a site is launched, it is an agreement that you are fully satisfied with the work, and agree to the BILLING terms stated below.

Billing: Ward Design Group strives to be affordable based on current market rates for our services. All billable work will be given an estimate prior to commencement. Much work (minor edits, photo change outs, etc) are covered under most retainer plans. Larger web edits will be invoiced at market rate, currently $50 per hour for web-retained clients and $100 per hour for retail clients.

Examples of minor edits that ARE included in your web retainer:
Text changes – “Please change this with that” (text is provided to us)
Photo replacement – “Here is a new photo of __________, please add it to ____ page” Examples of edits that ARE NOT included in your web retainer and are subject to being billed:
Color palette changes “I remodeled our shop and now have different colors, please change the website around to fit our new color scheme”
Logo changes/edits “I’ve rebranded and now have a new logo – please edit my site to better match my new logo”
New section and/or new pages “We are now selling new _____________ and we need a whole new section on our site” or "Please add a new page highlighting this new service
Any edits requiring changes to every (or many) pages on your website.

Refunds, Deposits: Every step of our process is dedicated to creating a site consistent with the wants of our clients. We invest valuable staff time creating something that we will all be very happy with and proud of. This process is a labor-intensive process but they are labors of love. The deposit you pay is an investment into our vision for you and your business. We hold our portfolio of clientele as a firm merit to the capabilities and creative prowess of that investment. The time for that creation is reflected in the initial deposit. If we are unable to agree on this vision following several attempts, we waive the balance of the cost to you, but the deposit is kept by Ward Design Group to cover the cost of labor.

All payments are deemed earned when paid and are not reimbursable. Any payment beyond 10 days is considered late and is subject to a late fee. Any on-going service that doesn’t get payment within 60 days is subject to suspension (both website and emails). Once suspended, payment in full is required to reinstate services and subject to a reinstatement charge of $50. Once suspended, if payment is not made with 90 days, Ward Design Group retains the right to claim ownership of all intellectual property including and not limited to all domain names and associated email accounts and associated documents.

Ward Design Group reserves the right to choose clients – we reserved the right to do business with whomever we want. We also reserve the right to stop doing business with a person or organization if reconciliation is not achieved following multiple conflicts.

Conflict: If at any time there is a complaint or problem in which you feel that you want a refund and cancellation of this contract, let us know. The process is as follows: Contact our office via email expressing your concerns, giving us a fair opportunity to make corrections as needed to keep you satisfied. If after 30 days of written and verbal concerns you are still not satisfied, we will agree to go into mediation with a third party to come to mutual satisfaction.

Separation: If at any time either party determines that the best move is to separate professionally, we both agree to do so civilly. Any web work, either design or social, is the property of you, the client*. We do not hold anything hostage. We will gladly give you a full backup of all work, design, web, photos, videos, etc, for you to have hosted and managed elsewhere. Your domain name will be unlocked and ready or transfer. We will give information freely as needed to your new web company as needed. As we hope that we can work together for a very long time, things do happen, terms are not followed, separation occurs. If and when this becomes an issue, we agree to handle it professional and simply within 30 days of written request for such separation. The newly incoming web host will assume all responsibility to set up new account, migrate all files, and initiate domain transfers.

* In order for domain names and sites to be unlocked for transfer, all balances must be 100% paid up to date.